Where to get a copy of university of Hertfordshire transcript

Where to get a copy of university of Hertfordshire transcript. The University of Hertford has more than 100 majors and offers a total of 500 different degree programs. Some of the majors are: Accounting, Finance and Investment Management, Business Administration, Business Information Systems, Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Economics, Tourism Management, Art Design, Fashion Design, Film Production, Music and Composition, Digital Animation, Product design, digital model technology, law, computer technology, software engineering, network technology, multimedia technology, digital communications, mobile communications, electronics/electrical engineering, machinery/aviation/automotive/manufacturing engineering, computer-aided product development, racing technology, biology Technical / pharmaceutical / environmental engineering, care. The school has six colleges, namely the School of Innovation and Cultural Industries, the School of Business, the School of Engineering and Information Science, the School of Health and Human Sciences, the School of Humanities Law and Education, and the Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies. Among them, environmental engineering has won excellent teaching and evaluation. The University of Hertfordshire also has two basic courses, which are overseas basic courses and overseas connecting courses. Among the most popular among Chinese students are: International Foundation Studies, Accounting and Finance, Art Design, Business Administration, Business Information Systems, Management, Computer, Communication Technology, Economics, Education, Engineering (Automotive, Construction, Civil Engineering, Electronics, machinery, aerospace and manufacturing systems, biology and environment), English, medical electronics, physiotherapy, psychology, nursing, radiology, sociology, law, tourism management, etc.

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