Where to get copy of sfu official transcript

Where to get copy of sfu official transcript? Simon Fraser University official academic record. Since the founding of the school, Simon Fraser University has a radical reputation. In the first few years, it has caused instability in the discussion of sensitive topics and meditation in the school. Although this trend has gradually subsided, in short, SFU is still considered to be a strong left-wing campus.

SFU’s radical thinking has enabled it to create innovative and flexible courses. For example, in 1968, SFU became the first university in Canada to offer an EMBA program for in-service managers; SFU was also the first to offer a master’s degree in sociology in Canada in 1991. fake transcripts, Simon Fraser University has a School of Applied Science, a School of Liberal Arts, a School of Business Administration, a School of Education, a School of Science, and a School of Health Sciences. It offers more than 100 majors and interdisciplinary programs in more than 40 fields. Simon Fraser University offers a certain number of Entrance Scholarships to students with outstanding academic performance, some need to apply, and some do not need to apply, but most scholarships are only available to their citizens or permanent residents, only a very small number The Entrance Scholarships program is available for international students such as International Summit Scholarships, India Entrance Scholarship, United World College scholarship, Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarship, Phi Theta International and Stanley Morisse Memorial scholarship.

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