Why did you choose the design major of university of technology Sydney
Why did you choose the design major of university of technology Sydney. UTS academic record. The University of Technology (Sydney) is currently one of Australia’s largest comprehensive government public universities, ranked among the top universities in Australia for assessing indicators, one of Australia’s four-star universities, and was QS Global University in 2011. uts academic transcript, The ranking is recognized as a five-star university.

University of technology sydney academic record, The University of Technology Sydney, Australia was awarded the Best University for Teaching and Student Performance by the Australian Federal Government in 2008. uts diploma courses. Based on the student’s learning feedback and learning outcomes, the school received an A1 rating in all four areas of study. In 2008, an average of 87% of UTS graduates can find full-time jobs, with an undergraduate employment rate of 85% and a graduate employment rate of 89%. uts certified documents. UTS Business School has passed the AACSB International certification. uts official transcript.  In 2008, the employment rate of business graduates reached 86%.

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