You can get The state of California Apostille now

The state of California Apostille, perfect! you can get it now. The state of California Secretary of State Apostille.
There is a certification called The Hague Certification
Regarding the Hague certification, ASIMCO recently received such a question. Li: I used to study and exchange in Argentina. California state Apostille. It is said that many of the masters of the board of ducks have already applied for it. Can I apply for a master’s degree in Spain? Looks like, you need to apply for a certificate called The Hague, I don’t know what it is? Can you give me a specific mention? The following Axin has the following answers to this question:

The Hague Certification

Applicable to students who have exchange exchange experience and have a transcript degree in overseas universities (Latin America, Europe, etc.).

Why do we have to apply for Hague certification?

If you have a study exchange experience or a degree in other countries (more than 6 months in the past 5 years). After obtaining a degree, you can directly take the original documents of your degree, transcripts, no criminal evidence, etc., and go to the police station/court of the issuing country to request the Hague certification.

Students in both cases need the Hague certification:

1. When applying for a Spanish visa, if you have stayed in a country other than Spain for more than 6 months in the past 5 years, you will need to obtain a certificate of no criminal offence, including more than 6 months of exchange or study in other countries in the past 5 years. There is also a need to apply for a local certificate of no criminal offence. This certificate can also be submitted directly to the Spanish embassy or consulate through the Hague certification, without the need to experience similar double certification.

2. If you have obtained a degree in another country, and now want to come to the board duck, you need to carry out the Hague certification.

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