The establishment of the first official university alliance

Not long ago, the University of Warwick in the UK and Monash University in Australia formally signed an agreement establishing the alliance between the two parties. The two sides also announced that they will appoint Professor Andrew Coats as the first academic principal and executive officer of the alliance.
Prof. Nigel Thrift from University of Warwick and Prof. Ed Byrne from Monash University believe that the partnership between Warwick and Monash is conducive to fostering an international perspective. Can solve “worldly, strategically significant problems” of high-level students. They believe that both the corporate and the government are increasingly in need of such talents, but universities that had previously fought alone cannot meet this demand. Shrutt and Byrne also believe that one of the league’s top priorities will be “to provide students with a seamless international experience that will enable them to compete with others in the global labor market.” For the cooperation between the two sides, Warwick and Monash are actively advancing. The major progresses that have been achieved by the two parties are as follows: First, the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council allocated funds for them through the “Building Global Business” project. 500,000 pounds (about 80 U.S. dollars); Second, the Australian government allocated 100,000 Australian dollars (about 100,000 U.S. dollars) to support student exchanges; 3. In July of this year, Monash University has run at the University of Warwick. Their first international course; Fourth, students from both universities will co-edit the University of Warwick’s online peer-reviewed journal Reinvention, a multi-disciplinary journal that aims to publish high for undergraduates. Level of research; 5. The two sides are also finalizing the application methods and management regulations for joint training of doctoral programs. The project is expected to start enrollment by the end of 2012.