University of Manitoba’s Nutrition Program Ranks No.1 in Canada

The University of Manitoba’s Human Nutrition program is offered by the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences and is accepted by international students. At the four-year undergraduate level, students can choose from three main directions:
Nutritional direction, preparing for becoming a registered dietitian
Food direction, research on how to develop functional foods
Food industry: learning quality assurance, food production open, food industry management to explore health and food impact on the food industry.
As one of the top income earners, registered dietitians are protected by local laws in Canada, and only nutrition professionals who meet specific educational and practical requirements are eligible to use RD as a work title. In addition to the accredited undergraduate degree, students are required to complete a registered dietitian internship program. After passing the CDRE exam, they can apply to the provincial inspection department for registration as a dietitian.
As the best university in Manitoba, it is also the only nutrition specialty in the province to receive PDEP certification. Each nutrition student can work together in a senior non-profit organization, public service department, research institute and industry experts. Interest in internship program, up to 100 hours. In addition, nutrition students also have Pre-Selection opportunities in the Manitoba Registered Dietitian Program. According to the student’s work experience and undergraduate GPA, 20 students from the University of Manda Nutrition are selected to enter the internship program every year, and international students receive fair opportunities. After successful internship, you do not need to wait for graduation before applying for an internship to avoid fierce competition with all Canadian students. Similarly, in order to help students fully prepare for the internship, the university arranges Coordinator communication for each student before the formal application, helps them evaluate the probability of application, and gives students application suggestions, greatly improving the success of the application.
It is worth mentioning that more than 90% of the internship opportunities for registered dietitians released each year in Manitoba are obtained by undergraduate students of Nutrition. In addition to becoming a registered dietitian, Manda’s nutrition foods also account for half of Canada’s functional food research, delivering a large number of talents for functional food development. Nutrition students who choose food orientation can complete a 280-hour internship at the government or company through the University Practicum program. In addition to the October of each year, agricultural and food science students can also get a lot of work and volunteer opportunities at regular on-campus exclusive theme job fairs. The Smart Campus in Manchester University incorporates many of Canada’s leading food industry companies and state-of-the-art research facilities such as Cargill, Bayer, Richardson International, BASF, Patterson Global Foods, etc. Even 2016, Canada’s best employer, Monsanto, is also located. This. The Smart Park is a border between academic research and society, providing an excellent platform for learning jobs.