What are the high school and preparatory courses in Canada?

What are the high school and preparatory courses in Ontario, Canada?
For those of you who want to study in Canada high school, do you know about the high school in Ontario and what courses are in the preparatory course?
Well, come with me and find out.
A, Ontario high school compulsory courses of English, French, math, science (physics, chemistry, biology, computer), Canada’s history, geography, art, health Canada, sociology, and career development, third language, Canada research, business research in the world.
Second, high school elective courses, Ontario, Canada, accounting, economics, marketing, business, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, electronics, computers, law, geography, history, English, English as a second language, classical studies, drama, family studies, international language studies, music, sports and health, the visual arts.
What is the pre-science of university of Ontario in Canada?
To graduate from high school in Ontario, if you want to apply to a Canadian university, you need to complete at least six pre-university pre-u courses.
By studying the pre-u course, students can be more specific about the college majors they want to apply for in the future.
Canadian university preparatory PRE – U course in grade 12, including literature, science, engineering, commercial multiple directions, common business direction, for example, PRE – U generally includes accounting, economic PRE – U, international business, the PRE – U, etc., take the example of science direction, mainly including PRE – U in computer science, data management, the PRE – U, physical and chemical PRE – PRE – U, U, biological PRE – U.
Grade 1.12 English.
Canadian high school grade 12 English course code ENG4U.
This course mainly train the ability of reading and writing, learning content is usually some English novels and classic plays, Shakespeare, such as Hamlet, Othello, king Lear, and Macbeth.
Grade 12 English classes are compulsory, and all Canadian universities require applicants to pass this course and get credit.
With high vocabulary and high requirements for students’ understanding and analysis, this is very difficult for international students.
2.12 grade math class.
Including the most common three courses: advanced functions, calculus and vector, and data management.
Calculus and vector Calculus & Vectors, course code MCV4U.
I hope to apply for the engineering and business department of the university. This course is compulsory, Advanced Functions of Advanced Functions, and the course code is MHF4U, mainly learning quadratic Functions, trigonometric Functions and so on.
Data Management Data Management, the course learning content is mainly about probability theory and Data Management, Excel application, among which probability theory and statistics knowledge are very practical in universities.
The science of grade 3.12 includes physics, chemistry and biology.
The simplest is Physics Grade 12 Physics, course code SPH4U.
The learning content is mainly for kinematics, mechanics, electric field, magnetic field, optics, relativity preliminary knowledge, etc., students who want to study engineering will be selected in the future.
Chemical Grade 12 Chemistry, course code SCH4U.
The main content is the intermolecular forces, the periodic law, the chemical reaction rate, the atomic structure, the molecular structure, and so on.
This course is relatively difficult because it covers a wider range of subjects than domestic chemistry.
Grade 12 Biology Grade 12 Biology: course code SBI4U.
Learning content mainly for animal and plant structure, evolution, heredity and mutation, etc., test the text is various, dense, high requirements for English, this course in some school of engineering is a recommended electives, compulsory course for life sciences.
Canada’s 12th grade pre-u has a humanities course.
The Geography class Grade 12 Geography: Grade 12 Geography, course code CGU4U.
The content of this course is humanistic geography, research on urbanization, population, etc., and the knowledge of climate, topography and other aspects is not involved, and the English level is higher.

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