Why did Prince William not go to Oxford and Cambridge, but chose St. Andrews University?

Why did Prince William not go to Oxford and Cambridge, but chose St. Andrews University? The answer turns out to be like this.

Founded in 1413, the University of St. Andrews is the third oldest university in the English-speaking world. It is a truly aristocratic university and has always ranked first in Scotland in the UK. , the third in the UK.
As an authority symbol of the old university, St. Andrews University also has three powerful medieval coloured sceptans dating back to the 15th century. They often appear in certain solemn occasions, such as the graduation ceremony of students, and they are also the emotional bonds of countless students who have graduated from this. Because generations of graduates have stood silent in front of them and completed their life transformation at the ceremony.
Although overseas students are more inclined to universities in England, the relatively low-key Scottish universities have become a good family with a purely academic atmosphere, classical human atmosphere, and quiet outside the noisy world. One of the most desirable colleges in the minds of young gentlemen and ladies, is the first choice for the British royal family.
The love story of the most legendary prince and civilian in this century took place at this university. The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, the son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the second heir to the British throne, and the prince of William who made countless girls dumped was graduated from St. Andrew’s University majoring in art history and later turned to geography. In 2005, he obtained a Master’s degree (Honours) from the second-class honorary degree in Scotland and became one of the heirs of the throne with the highest education.
Prince William’s wife, Princess Kate, also graduated from St. Andrews University. It is said that during the year of Prince William’s enrollment, many girls who came to study from the United States wanted to be close to the prince, but the prince did not care much. The prince saw Kate in the catwalk at a college fashion show and was fascinated. Although the two have now become parents, the lovely little George Prince, the little Charlotte Princess, and the little Louis Prince have grown up, but this romantic story at St. Andrews University is still the public. The most talked about love story.

Prince William entered the University of St. Andrews in 2001. The picture shows the prince reading photos published by the royal family.

The two returned to the University of St. Andrews who had studied together after marriage.

Britain has a very stable social class. Government-run public schools use education as a universal, while elite education is done through many private schools. The British royal family has an unwritten rule that “no talk about academics and achievements.” The royal family rarely goes to Cambridge and Oxford. In fact, it is reflected from the other side that the two schools are not at the level of the royal family, nor do they meet the low-key elegance of the royal family. The style orientation, and the connotation and style construction of the aristocratic elite of St. Andrews University has become an irreplaceable charm point. Among the movie ace agents, the aristocratic children said that the university can only think of four schools, and St. Andrews University is one of them.
The University of St. Andrews is the same as the other Scottish universities. The undergraduate degree is four years. However, the difference is that it consists of only four colleges, namely, the College of Arts, the Science of Science, the Divinity of the Theological Seminary, and the Medicine of Medicine. Composed of the College Faculty Subjects. There are no very common law schools and business schools.
Its undergraduate admission requirements are extremely high, and IELTS basically requires more than 7 points. At the undergraduate level, there are four colleges of Arts, Divinity, Medicine and Science enrollment at the undergraduate level. There are also economics and finance colleges and management colleges at the graduate level. There are also English schools specializing in English language, with a total of 40 majors.